Plastic Surgery Specialities - Trust Hospitals

Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery facility at Trust Hospital caters for all your reconstructive surgery requirements. Our team of specialist plastic surgeons are fully qualified and experienced in all aspects of plastic surgery (with particular expertise in common procedures such as facial surgery and breast surgery).

Services include:

Facial Surgery

A full range of facial surgery is offered, including Blepharoplasty (Eyebag Removal)

Breast Surgery

Breast re-shaping surgery available includes Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction and Mastopexy (Uplift), Breast Reconstruction, Latissimus Dorsi flaps, TRAM/DIEP flaps (using the patient"s own tissue to provide optimum results.Our comprehensive range of body sculpting treatments and procedures include Abdominoplasty, , Mini-Abdominoplasty, Gynaecomastia, Liposuction.

Outpatient Minor Surgical Treatments

Scar revision, mole/lesion/cyst removal and wound care are some of the minor operations that are treated at the clinic.

Hand & Wrist Surgery

Hand surgery is often required after an injury or if you suffer with arthritis, a tumour, a nerve problem or have a birth defect. Hand surgery requires a combination of tissue handling techniques including, microsurgery, tendon, nerve, and ligament and bone reconstruction. The hand is particularly unforgiving following injury or surgery, a team approach involving patient, hand therapist and properly trained surgeon is essential for the optimal outcome. Reconstructive wrist surgery helps to repair damaged tissues and reduce pain and weakness. If arthritis has developed, surgery will, in many cases, improve the pain.